Top Twelve Bad Behaviours of Bird Photographers

Updated: Oct 4

  1. Using live bait - Using live mice (owls)/pinning worms to sticks

  2. Getting too close to nesting birds

  3. Deliberately flushing birds to get 'flight' shots

  4. Luring birds away from protection and into the OPEN where they are susceptible to predators

  5. Using call playback (especially with 'boom box')

  6. Using high powered flash directly on birds at night

  7. Pruning, trampling or otherwise altering native vegetation

  8. Disclosing exact locations of rare, vagrant or nesting birds on social media

  9. Entering private property or closed off areas

  10. Chasing, crowding and/or failing to keep appropriate distance (especially rare or vagrant birds)

  11. Dishonest or misleading captioning

  12. Teaching others to do the above (or facilitating/enabling bad behaviour by others by silence) or influencing others such as by the posting of nesting bird images.

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